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September 2018 | Due Governance

Welcome to the September Edition

For many, the concepts behind Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and anything involved in the the 'social licence to operate' are incompatible with maximising long term corporate profitability.  We don't see the issues as being that black and white, or fatalistic.

Boardrooms are having to deal with a new kind of crisis

The corporate sector and their shareholders have become quite adept over the years dealing with one financial crisis after another.  However, in the absence of a financial crisis for quite some time in Australia, we are seeing corporate management deal with a different type of crisis today.

Feature Article

Brisbane Breakfast: The Changing Face of Governance

We invite our Brisbane readers to hear us present on the 24th October at The Brisbane Club.  Elizabeth Jameson and James Dick discuss how the corporate sector can respond to growing demands from the public and investors.  $37 includes breakfast and GST.

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Governance & Operations

Are you looking to undertake a governance review or development?  Does your Board want to enhance its capital allocation process?

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Five questions to ask

Each month we offer a few insightful questions that either Directors or Trustees can use in their governance roles.


Your Game Plan | Not a Merger Plan

We don't think Fund mergers should be the first solution that the industry turns to.  We have developed a program that helps Funds rise to the APRA challenge.

Rise to the challenge

High Performance Governance

Elite athletes build on their natural talent with targeted training programs.  Our High Performance Governance Program helps take directors to the next level.

High Performance
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