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Investment Governance | Due Governance

The purpose of this framework is to create an effective governance process to support your capital allocation and investment decisions

This will lead to better outcomes for fiduciaries, investment professionals and of course - members and shareholders

Our Governance Framework relies on these four Key Elements:


  • Objectives based culture aligned with Members' needs and corporate reality
  • Objectives and purpose drive both historical and forward looking considerations
  • Access to our 'Purpose' program which helps reveal what objectives you are really managing to
  • Provides consistency of goals at different levels of the organisation
  • Monitored via a mutually developed dashboard and scorecard
Mutual Purpose


  • Upfront clarity about who is responsible for what
  • Helps manage expectations and ensure best allocation of resources
  • Includes tools and templates that participants can select from
  • Implement your Responsibility Matrix (RACI/Pyramid)
  • Integrated with the Investment Process
  • Different mindsets mean different questions can be brought to bear
  • Access to the 'Ask' database of thought provoking questions for Trustees


  • Team members are compatible with diversity of thought and mindsets
  • Corporate governance Skills Matrix
  • Trustee diversity analysis
  • Processes for ongoing development
  • Succession planning
  • Guided by cognitive diversity and your Mutual Purpose
  • Culture (maintenance and enhancements)


  • Brings all the other elements together
  • Operates to a consistent investment framework
  • Includes a Decision Making Framework specifically designed to work in complex environments/systems such as Financial Markets
  • Integrated approach to operations provides clear accountability to ensure focus is on the most important issues - both short term and long term
  • Easy to understand what is being worked on and what needs to be monitored
  • Benefits from an open and collaborative culture