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November 2018 | Due Governance

Welcome to the November Edition

Most of the fiduciaries we talk to these days are looking for ideas on how to rise to the growing challenges presented by the Hayne Royal Commission and APRA's report into CBA.  This month we present our second article in the series following the Governance Breakfast that we hosted alongside our colleagues from Board Matters in October.

Governance in a Post Royal Commission World - Part 2

From past experience, we have found that even when an organisation passes through a crisis unscathed, there are still heightened demands on it to raise its standards even further. 

Feature Article

Governance & Operations

Are you looking to undertake a governance review or development?  Does your Board want to enhance its capital allocation process?

Find out more

Five questions to ask

Each month we offer a few insightful questions that either Directors or Trustees can use in their governance roles.


Your Game Plan | Not a Merger Plan

We don't think Fund mergers should be the first solution that the industry turns to.  We have developed a program that helps Funds rise to the APRA challenge.

Rise to the challenge

High Performance Governance

Elite athletes build on their natural talent with targeted training programs.  Our High Performance Governance Program helps take directors to the next level.

High Performance
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