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We all agree that the time is up for Funds that can't produce good member outcomes. But is the industry pointing the finger at the right kind of Funds? And what can be done to avoid good Funds entering into a death spiral?

Underperforming Funds Must Go

Despite a history of producing some of the strongest member outcomes, numerous Funds are now at threat of entering into a death spiral.

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Governance & Operations

Are you looking to undertake a governance review or development?  Does your Board want to enhance its capital allocation process?

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Five questions to ask

Each month we offer a few questions that both fiduciaries and investment professionals can use when considering investment governance.


Your Game Plan | Not a Merger Plan

We don't think Fund mergers should be the first solution that the industry turns to.  We have developed a program that helps Funds rise to the APRA challenge.

Rise to the challenge

High Performance Governance

Elite athletes build on their natural talent with targeted training programs.  Our High Performance Governance Program helps take directors to the next level.

High Performance
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