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July 2018 | Due Governance

Welcome to the July Edition

Despite the enormous success of the superannuation industry, Canberra appears to be ready for change.  We enter the fray with a detailed reply to the Productivity Commission that highlights the unintended consequences of their recommendations, and reinforces what we think already works well.  Our lead article is based on our upcoming submission to the PC.

Unintended Consequences

The Productivity Commission recently issued its draft report into superannuation. It offers a blunt approach to a complex issue.

The danger is the PC report may seem to appease thinking from both sides of politics.

Feature Article

Business card draw winner

As part of our sponsorship of the AIST Thought Leadership, we offered those who attended the June Thought Leadership Breakfast's a chance to win a Dinner for Two.  

And the winner is...

Governance Reviews & Development

Are you looking for an independent Board Review or are you interested developing board-centric investment reporting & operational systems? 

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Five questions for Trustees

Each month we offer a few insightful questions that either Trustees or Investment Committee members can use in their governance roles.


Your Game Plan | Not a Merger Plan

We don't think Fund mergers should be the first solution that the industry turns to.  We have developed a program that helps Funds rise to the APRA challenge.

Rise to the challenge

High Performance Governance

Elite athletes build on their natural talent with targeted training programs.  Our High Performance Governance Program helps take directors to the next level.

High Performance
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