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High Performance Program | Due Governance

Elite athletes build on their natural talent with targeted training programs

We can use this analogy for any activity where performance levels can be developed over time, such as investment governance.

The Due Governance High Performance Program takes Directors from the skill base that secured their appointment as a fiduciary and builds on this.  Our program has been designed for Directors who wish to excel in the challenging role that is expected of today's fiduciaries.

Our High Performance Program includes training and resources that are based on the Four Pillars of Governance

Four Pillars of Governance

Mutual Purpose: Developing alignment of purpose between individual Directors and the Fund.

Accountability: The role of the Board forms part of the accountability framework that can and should be unique to each Fund.

Composition: Individual Directors can develop a complementary set of capabilities.

Operational: Review and challenge requires an appropriate understanding of operational matters, but care to avoid micro-managing.


The Governance Pyramid

The process of establishing the relevant functional and governance layers will be unique to each organisation.  The stylised Governance Pyramid below illustrates how there is more time and therefore capacity to deal with a wider range of functional matters at the base of an organisation.  The top (fiduciary) layer therefore needs to focus on a smaller range of issues. 

We recommend considering the four primary functions of the Tricker Model to help established the key points of focus for the fiduciary layer.  Two of these primary functions are forward looking while two are based on the current and historical perspectives.  These in turn are split into outward facing and inward facing focusses.  In addition to the Tricker Model, we recommend all layers within the organisation pay specific attention to issues such as capability management, culture management and allow time for self-reflection.

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