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Governance Editorials | Due Governance

In this section we present a number of thought provoking articles relating to governance

The Trustees plate

There are many lessons we can learn as Trustees from the daily revelations of the banking royal commission. One of the things made clear is that firms like AMP have been focusing on short-term sugar hits without enough emphasis on investing the effort and making the difficult choices that would have benefited their financial health and success in the long run.

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Changing face of governance

We are hearing divergent calls on what Trustees and Directors should be focusing on.  Compliance, culture, how about strategy?

How can fiduciaries navigate their way through this ever-increasing minefield of expectations?  We believe a good governance framework already tries to take all relevant factors into account.

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Governance Post Royal Commission - 1

2018 has been a remarkable year for putting governance issues of profitable companies on the table.  Our lead article this month delves into APRA's various reports this year and of course into the Hayne Royal Commission.

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Governance Post Royal Commission - 2

Most of the fiduciaries we talk to these days are looking for ideas on how to rise to the growing challenges presented by the Hayne Royal Commission and APRA's report into CBA.   From past experience, we have found that even when an organisation passes through a crisis unscathed, there are still heightened demands on it to raise its standards even further. 

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Governance Post Royal Commission - 3 Recommendations

In this article we go through each of Hayne's nine superannuation recommendations.  We look at specifically what he says, what that means and what we think will happen.  We also highlight some other comments that Hayne made that regulators may choose to run with. 

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